Work No. 3667/ WATER, 2022

Martin Creed

“Can I have some water Please?”


Perasma Istanbul launched with an iconic work by Martin Creed, curated by Burcu Fikretoğlu in September, 2022. ‘Work No. 3695 WATER’, 2022 is a monument to WATER: water which is needed for life and of which people are mostly made. Water which is fun and dangerous, life-giving and life-threatening.

As Creed says “it’s good if it feels like a complete no-brainer, so obvious that it is stupid - so as to try to get around the head and into the heart”.

Inspiring our inauguration, Creed’s new work was presented as part of

Contemporary Istanbul at Tersane Istanbul, the vast 600-year-old Istanbul

Shipyards, founded in the natural harbor of the Golden Horn in Istanbul in 1455.

For over 450 years, the area served as the main construction and repair center of

the Ottoman Navy. This site, along with WATER, set the tone for our intention to

host and connect different realities, build bridges within and beyond our home,

Istanbul, and witness and construct different passages for arts and culture.

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